Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

Three picture books.

This post contains three picture books I don´t really regard as great enough for their own posts.
First we have this 1993 "Zauberhafte Märchenwelt" edition from the geramn Unipart Verlag publishing in Stuttgart. It was Illustrated by Eckhard Freytag.
These are the for this blog relevant illustrations from that blog. Its pretty meh. The illustrations are far too kitschy and saccarine sweet for my taste.
Next one was published in 1979 by the german Meister Verlag, in the "Kinderland Buchpaket" edition. Illustrator was Einar Langerwall, who also worked for european Disney Comics at that time.
Those illustration have a nice trippy ness for them, you realize that the 1970s were a decade in which mindbending drugs were a commonpast time activity. I do actually like the image of Alice stuck in the house. Its really a shame that the colouration hasn´t aged very well...
Last one for now. This book was published in 1969 by McClelland and Stewart Ltd. in Canada. Illustrations are by Rosemary Honeybourne.

Not much to say about this one . The illustrations are quite bland, boring and generic. Their look appearantly is supposed to resemble childrens drawings. Very Meh.
Thats all folks.

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