Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Some random images from the internet

Since I have currently no new book to review (and to show you that I and this blog are still alive) I´ll just upload some random sizechange images of Alice I found on the web.
Found on DA (I think). I´m not sure if its in the white rabbits house or in the hall of door, but this Alice got huge! I love the fact that she is not the usual blonde with blue dress. I really like the red dress, the black hair and those lovely striped stockings. And her worried expression is simply adorable!
The hall of door scene from a very old version of the book, I think the illustrators name is Peter Newell. Again, Alice is darkhaired. I like the illustratrion were she is streched grotesquely long.
A mangaversion of Alice growing tall in the Rabbits house. Her confused expession is rather cute.
Another japanese version of the book, white rabbits house scene. Ouch, this looks rather uncomfortable... Beautyfull manga illustration thou.
Hall of doors scene from a quite old version of the book. Nice gloomy atmosphere here. Illustrator was, I think Milicent Sowerby.
Another hall of doors scene from Deviant Art. All those frills must have been a pain.
Another Anime-ish version. Again, she looks rather uncomfortable there.
Very nice spanish book cover!

Illustrations from a pop-up-book version. The court room scene looks nice!
A very nice looking version of the white rabbits house scene. Alices outfit looks great in this version. Her rather bored expression makes it quite funny. The illustrator was Emma Chichester Clark.
A version from the 1960s, I presume. Love the funky pattern on her stockings.
Adorable illustrations by FranGois Amoretti (I think). Love the many details. Also who doesn´t want to give crying Alice a big hug?
Another book cover.

Illustrations from a rather obscure french version.
Very beautyfull japanese illustration, with Alice big and small.
This one is wonderfully creepy. I think its from DeviantArt.
Also from DeviantArt. This one has a cool perspective.
Again from DeviantArt. Hall of Doors scene with a really huge alice that looks quite awkward.
DeviantArt again. A more adult looking Alice in the White Rabbits house.
Another very beautyfull illustration from DeviantArt. Again in the while rabbits house.
Again two more from DeviantArt. Both are in the White Rabbits house and both share a similar perspective. I like the embarrased look on the second Alices face thou.
And again from DeviantArt. Alice in the hall of doors. Interesting design here.
White Rabbits house villustration from an old french version of the book.

A very funky colourfull version of the white rabbits house scene from DeviantArt.
Alice in the hall of doors from an old version of the book.
From another version of the book. Alice fills out the White Rabbits house.
This one is also from an older version of the book. The scene after she ate the shroom. I love the art nouveau feel it has.
Thats it for the moment, I wish you all a happy new year!

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