Samstag, 3. März 2012

Zenescopes Alice in Wonderland

Zenescope Entertainement has made quite an impression in the last years with their "Grimm Fairy Tales" comics, in which they reboot classic stories in a quite dark and gritty, often quite gorey (well, "grim") way. They allready did some series concerning Alice in Wonderland, so far, only in the first series, "Return to Wonderland", did feature any sizechanges (I still have it somewhere, I have to search it and when I found it I shall post it in this blog). Now they have rebootet the actual story, of course with some twists. Sadly were at issue 2 (of 6) now and there are no sizechanges so far. The only thing coming close was a sequence of Alice growing up as prisoner/pet of the Jabberwocky (yeah, ist not quite close to the original, but cool anyways) I wouldn´t give up hope yet, thou. The variant cover off issue of number 6 looks quite interesting:

Lets hope that there will be such a scene in the comic at any point...


  1. Actually there is a size change in Issue #2 of "Return to Wonderland" I read it all. Pretty messed up, but I like stuff like that. Which is weird since I like to think of Alice In wonderland as a nice innocent story but dark and gory, yeah that's fine I guess lol

    1. Yeah, I know. I wanted to scan it, but I must have somehow lost that issue.