Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

Alice comic by Lela Dowling

Here is another very neat comic version.
 The cover looks like a VERY  cheap photoshop... The comic was published in 2004 by About Comics. Artist is Lela Dowling.
I kinda like Alices unusual design in this comic. Dress and Pigtails remind actually a bit in Dorothy from the wizard of Oz.

Thats a very neat idea for Alices shrinking in the hall of doors. She shrinks actually on the page untill she is to the reader not much more than a dot on the paper.
And up she goes. I really like how grotesquely streched out Alice looks here. You get a good idea of her bigness.
And she is back to tiny.
The scene in the White Rabbits house. Not much to say here, its well done but it didn´t really impress me as much as the hall of doors scene.
 Now thats nice. I think this is the first version of Alice I´ve ever seen that actually enjoys the really long neck the mushroom of the caterpillar gave her, untill she runs into that dumb pidgedon that is...
Alice grows again in the court room. I alwys preferd the versions where she slowly grows like here over those where she spontaniously pops huge.
Alices evidence. Nice play with perspectives here. I also like the idea of her stepping accidentally onto the queens table.
All in all a very nice comic. The art style is quite cartoonish but that works overall very well with the book. Its still available via Amazon.

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