Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Alice nel paese delle meraviglie - Arminia Dell`Oro

This here is an odd one.
Its a retelling of the story published by the italian publisher Edicolors. It was written by Arminia Dell`Oro and illustrated by Davide L. Marescotti.I don´t really know what the story is all about but apperantly its an all darker wonderland with a sexy teenage cosplayer as Alice.
Alice grows, appearently her costume suffers some "battle damage" through the course of the story. I like her bigness here.
But being tiny suits hr well too.
I absolutely love how she fills out the white rabbits house in this drawing. I wished we could see that kind of housefilling more often.
Not sure whats going on here, but I think its the new interpretation of the growth at the court?
Thats her tiny in that same card house so there is probably a sizechange.
*Sighs* Really, if I knew italian I´d knew whats goung on here...

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