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New Alice in Wonderland by Rod Espinosa

Today I want to talk a little about the comic "New Alice in Wonderland" by Rod Espinosa. It is a 4 issue miniseries published by Antarctic Press in early 2006. It has a very lovely Amerimanga style. The story is mostly inspired by the 1951 Disney movie, some scenes are pretty much adapted 1:1. I think thats a pity, I wished Espinosa would have been a little closer to the book, or would have totally gone crazy with the material.
Anyway, onto the comics:
Cover of Number One. I really like Alices slightly modernized design in this comic. But why does the Hatter look like Jay Leno?

Issue one features of course the scene in the hall of doors. The way Alice drinks from the bottle and shrinks is almost identical to the Disney movie, which is not a bad thing.
Also the talking door, very Disney. They some anime-ish expressions.
We all know what happens next...
The growth looks very nice here.
Heh, I like how she scares the sh*t out of the White Rabbit in this version. Her face alone is bigger than him.
Oddly shaped fan makes you shrink, so far so good.
And Alice falls into the lake of tears. And thats the size changes for the first issue.
Issue 2 features Alice and the caterpillar on the cover. Scenes in this issue are the White Rabbits house and the mushroom of the caterpillar.
And we are in the (oddly coloured) house of the rabbit. This scene is again pretty much identical with the scene in the old Disney movie.
Thats a very lovely growth, running out of room indeed.
And its not over yet!
This was always my favorite part of the Disney movie, Alice is stuck in the much too small house of the rabbit.
This is different from the movie. Here the rabbit gets help from Bill and Pat, like in the book, not from the Dodo.
Bill-O? I don´t get it, let roll with it anyway...
There goes Bill again. Sneezed out not kicked like in the movie.
Nice catch!
The way Alice shirnks here is absolutely beautyfull.
Alice runs from the nasty critters. I love the detail that one of them actually carries a poison spray. From here she gets to the encounter with the caterpillar, which leads to the following brief groths and shrink scene at the end of this issue:

Could have been longer, but the issue was at its end. I absolutely love hiow alice is smaller than an ant in one image and taller than the trees in the other. All in all issue 2 was a total size-change-fest. I appreciate this!
Issue 3 had no size changes, it did only feature the Pig & Pepper scene (which was not in the Disney movie) and the Mad Teaparty.
Which brings us to the final issue 4:
This issue is entirely at the court of the Queen of hearts. I have to say, this version of the Queen is one of the most scariest, yet awesomest designed versions of this character. She is huge, massive and you never see her full face, only her eyes the rest is always obsured by something.
Lets get to the brief growth at the end.
As in the Disney movie Alice  grows huge, gets mouthy at the queen (I just love Alices super smug face on the second page) and shrinks back almost in an instant to flee from that darn pack of cards.
All in all this is a very nice comic. A little trueer to the Disney movie than to the actual book, but thats okay, since its very well done.

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