Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

A childrens version with Illustrations by Brigitte Smith.

The next one is a version of Alice in Wonderland and Thriough the Looking glassretold for children by Susa Hämmerle (and by retold I mean dumbed down, shortend and with some of the weirdest name translations I´ve ever see. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum turn intoZwiddeldum and Zwiddeldei and Humpty Dumpty turns into "Goggelmoggel", I´m not making this up!). The illustrations are madeby Brigitte Smith and are rather nice. They are the reason why to took this one out of the bargain bin at Hugendubels a few years ago!
Thats the cover. Nut much to say here exept why has the Hatter a duck butt?. It was published by the german Annette Betz Verlag in 1994 in their "Bibliothek der Kinderklassiker" (libary of childrens classics) series.
As I said I kinda like the illustrations in this one the watercolour coulourations are quite nice. Unfortunatly this book as only two relevant illustrations.
The first one is a very sad and big Alice startling the white rabbit (which is wearing the outfit of Colin Bakers sixth Doctor for some reason).
 Now thats an awkward and unconfortable position to grow in. The second and last sizechange illustration in this book is Alice growing in the White Rabbits house. And thats all. Nothing at the caterpillar shroon, nothing in the courtroom. Its really a pity, since I like the way Alice looks here. Oh well, at least I´m sure this evrsion is obscure enough that nobody has really seen it before online...

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