Freitag, 16. September 2011

Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles - French Comic by Dany

This one here is a gem.
This comic version of AIW was drawn by belgian comic artist Dany in cooperation with Greg, Dupa, Turk and Degroot. Its a nice who is who of francobelgian comics. You really recognise Danys style in this one. He is most famous for his cartoonish adult comics but has also created the beautyfull fantastic comic series Oliver Rameau and the realistic drawn adventures Histoire sans héros and Equator. The comic was first published in 1973 by Glénat, I own a second release from 1987. The design of Alice (especially her dress) and much of Wonderland reminds me very much in the 1972 british musical film. It is quite likely that this comic was inspired by it since it was released just one year earlier. I also have to note that, despite the fact that this whole comic is very cartoony, this is one of the most jailbaity looking versions of Alice! Those lips! You can see that this artists main job are erotic comics...
However lets get it on:
In the hall of doors: Alice drinks and shrinks. Note the turquise blue carpet. This comic is from the Seventies, Baby!
 And she is huge: The transformations are a bit to fast for my taste, but still entertaining.
Here you can see how similar the hall of doors looks to the 1972 film. Alice shrinks, again very sudden, into the tear lake. Thats it for this scene.
In the white rabbits house: THAT FREAKING ORANGE CARPET!!! Alice grows again very fast. Also this looks again very similar to the 1972 film.
Aw, poor girl.
Shennanigans! Also I love Alices smug expression on the last panel.
There goes Bill! The fuming angry rabbit in the eight panel is awesome!
Bill is drunk. I like how the white rabbit is ready to kick her arse when she shrank back. This is a very cartoonish version of the story.
The house scene changes directly to the caterpillar scene. The second panel in which she hops over the gate is cute.
The size change here is rather unspectacular.
Another short scene in the hall of doors. Allice finally gets into the garden. I really love how happy she is in the seventh and eight panel.
At the cortroom. Here we grow again...
Still getting bigger...
And Alices evidence. Its just one page long and frankly it feels a tad bit rushed to me.
All in all the comic is great, and I´m very happy I found it.

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