Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Erica Awanos The Complete Alice in Winderland

This is one of the greatest comic versions of Alice in Wonderland to date. It was published in 2009 by Dynamite Entertainement, New Jersey as a four issue miniseries. The first two issues cover Alice in Wonderland while the third and forth issue cover Through the looking glass.
The wonderfull artwork was done by the japanese-brazillian manga artist Erica Awano. I really love this comic! First of we have Issue 1.
I love the design of alice. She looks adorable and bratty at the same time. The colours are another thing that I love here, they remind me in the Arthur Rackham Illustrations of the book.
Wonderfull sequence here, as the "camera" zooms in while Alice shrinks down.The design of the hall of doors is great.
Panel four is cool when she she talks to her reflection. Her expresiions while eating the cake are wonderfull too.
This page is a thing of beauty, wonderfull as she grows as tall as the room and the last panel when she just knees down and cries.
Some beautyfull perspectives here.
And she shrinks down again. This is also a very gorgeous sequence.
And so she falls in the lake of tears, ending the hall of doors scene.
And alice enters the very Rackhamesque looking house of the White Rabbit. And drinks something she shouldn´t drink.
The effect is isntantous and soon she fills the room. Compare her grumpy expression to Tenniels version of the same scene that I reviewed earlier.
Bill gets kicked. What makes this comic great are all the little details like the strands of her hair that are hanging in the chandelier.
Again, great expression as she inspects the tiny cake on the tip of her finger.
Alice tries the mushroom ans shrinks instantly so small that her chin hits the top of her shoes. Few, very few artists do actually draw this scene like that, I believe they shy back from the shire grotesque appearence of this scene. I think it should be reimaged more often. First of all because it is that way that Carroll has written the scene in the book. Second this is too wonderfully bizarre to leave it out.
And suddenly her neck is too long. Again the details like the random twigs in her hair.
She snakes her long nck down and manages it to get to a moore adequate size. This end the size changes in Issue 1.
Issue 2 contains as I mentioned before the second half of Alice in Wonderland.
Alice is back in the hall of doors and this time she does everything right.
The courtroom growth is brilliant. You gotta love how subtile it is done in the background as the shenannigans of that justice farce unfold in the foreground.
And she destroys the spectators box.
Some nice perspective shots in alices evidence. I love the panel as she looks down on the king and queen.
And the pack of cards rises and attacs her, thus ending the dream.
What can I say? I truely and genuinely love this comic. There gase been a TPB released lately, go and check it out.


  1. wow! I really like the art style in this one!

  2. @cye-chan
    I know! I love it too to pieces!