Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

Ladybird Children´s Classics Alice in Wonderland

A quick one.
Alice in Wonderland by Ladybird Children´s Classics. Published in 1986 the story was retold by Joan Collins (wait, what?) and it was illustrated by Debbie Boon-Jenkins.
Alice in the hall of doors. Odd choice of colour for her outfit, also this is one of the few versions in which Alice is appearantly a ginger.
Alice tastes the shroom. The Illustrations are aquarelles that were pretty obviously drawn of photos, you can see that by how the art styles of Alice and the other characters differ from each other. This book has no scene in the White Rabbits house, which is really a shame
Alice starts to grow in the court room.
Alices evidence. Again note how Alice differs from the rest of the characters. It probably wasn´t intentional, but I think this gives a good impression in how Alice is an alien, a foreign body in wonderland. Dunno, I probably read too much into it.
All in all a cute little book, but I probably woulnd´t have bought it, if it wouldn´t have been a bargain for 1 cent at Amazon...

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