Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

Lynx editons Alice in Wonderland

Today I will write about the illustrations with size changes in Lynx Editions Alice in Wonderland which was published in the UK in 1988. Illustrator is Justin Todd, who went for a surreal approach to the story in his illustrations.

You can see this very good in the "Hall of doors" illustration. Alice big and small at the same time gives you a good idea of the surreal feeling of the story.
 Note that the design of Alice is closely reselmling the look of the real Alice Pleasance Liddell, who was Carrolls main inspiration for the character in the books. She did look completely different from the blonde girl in the blue dress Tenniel and Disney popularised.
The white rabbits house. I love the idea with the cut-through of the showing what is happening inside and on the outside. On a side note, that celing must be really sturdy to carry Alice at that size. ^^
No size changes in this one, only Alice being tiny, but HOLY SH*T, THAT PUPPY! Its tripping balls!
Alice and the pidgedon. Todd did a similar effect to show movement in this one as he pid with that freaked out puppy before. Looks quite trippy and cool.
All this book got on alice in the court room. Its an interesting, almost minimalistic approach, that expects the reader to know what is happening in this image. I do like it thou.
This is one of the best artistic interpretations of the story. I really wonder why it is not more widely known.

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