Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

Alice im Wunderland illustrated by Eric Kincaid

I´m not dead yet. 
This time I have german issue of Alice in Wonderland, published by Basserman (random House) Munich, and beautifully illustrated by Eric Kincaid (NOT in any relation to Thomas Kinkade, I was always confusing their names...).

Alice shrinks after drinking from the bottle. This version of Alice is clearly inspired by Carrolls photographs of the real Alice Liddell.
Eating the cake...
...and growing huge. I love how grotesquely disorted Alice looks during the growth.

Giant Alice encounters the Rabbit and shrinks after using the fan.
The White Rabbit chases Alice to fetch his stuff. She is tiny compared to him!

Alice big in the White Rabbits house.
Alice kicks Bill so hard that she wrecks the chimney.
Alice vs. the Puppy.
Doin´ shrooms.
Alice and the house of the dutchess.

Alice growing in the courtroom.
Alice stands up to the King and Queen of hearts. She is massive compared to them. This pic is clearly based on a Carroll photography.
All in all a very cute version of the book. The german translation is a bit weird at times, but the illustrations are quite lovely.

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