Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

Best-loved Classics Alice in Wonderland

Whelp, its been a while, more than a year to be exact, since I last posted. Oh well better late than never.
Todays version of alice was published in 2009 by HarperCollins in the Best-loved Classics series. Illustrator Emma Chichester Clark. The bood is quite large so I had someproblems scanning the larger illustrations.

The hall of doors scene. I reall like the way this was designed. Usually I´m not too much a fan of illustrations in the text, but here its well done. I also have to point out that I like the outfit of this version of Alice. Simple dress and black stockings. Nice.

In the White Rabbits house. I really love the second illustration. Through the door you see basically just the big wall of Alice. The third one is also great. I like how wegded she is in that room. But here is one thing I didn´t really like too much about this version, the characters show barely any emotion. No matter what, Alice seems always as calm and serene as a cow in India.
Very briefly after the caterpillar scene. Alice is testing the shroom.
Back in the hall of doors.

The courtroom scene was moved outside. On the last image you can see what I meant when I said the characters show no emotion. The whole pack is attacking Alice and she is barely even going "Meh...".
All in all a nice version of the book. There are somethings I like and some I don´t. All in all okay.

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